Why Choose James Trofimuk

With the formation of the new United Conservative Party the leaders of the former parties, and others, are now going to run for the leadership of this party.  These are career politicians or people heavily invested in politics.   This is what has turned most people off to politics and the reason they are ‘protest’ voting.  I don’t think it is right that it takes over a million dollars to become a leader of a party or the Premier.  At the end of the day politicians are responsible to all the people.

This is a time when we have to look at the Big Picture of Alberta.  Who will the silent majority and ‘fence sitters’ vote for?  The frontrunners will have their supporters, but they will also have their enemies, people who will never vote for either frontrunner.  This is not good for this new party and ultimately not good for the province.  Voters may choose not to vote or vote for a party other than this new one, the Liberals or Alberta Party,  again splitting our vote and again the NDP being the benefactors.

I think the vast majority of the voting population are looking for someone who has no personal political agenda.  Who owes no one political favours and who has an occupation other than that of a politician.

Because I am not reliant on politics as a profession and an income, I am motivated to do what is best for small businesses and families rather than keeping the Vocal Minority happy.  I realize the Silent Majority want a say, but they want the right person to say it for them.

You may have your favourite frontrunner, but I want you to think about who everyone else will vote for in the next general election.  We need to think about the bigger picture.

I think the vast majority of the people want to see a person who understands what it is like to be in their shoes.

I have started a business from ‘scratch.’  Struggled to get it off the ground, worried about paying my staff, and my mortgage.  My wife and I have school age boys.  We are an average family.

By now, you are probably wondering what I do for a living.  I am a dentist, and now I can only imagine people thinking what would I know of their struggles.   I can tell you starting a dental office is no different then starting any small business.  Opening your doors for the first time waiting for ‘customers’ is no different whether it be a dental office or bakery.

What you learn is how to treat people.  Happy customers will tell two friends, unhappy ones will tell ten.  I tell my staff, they don’t work for me, we work for the person sitting in the dental chair.  The customers  are our Boss.

This is no different when you run for political office.   Politicians work for the Tax Payer and the people they represent.  The idea that the politician knows more or is entitled because they got voted in is not accepted by the Silent Majority.

I made my living and built my business understanding this and understanding who I work for.  I also understand that 8 out of 10 jobs are created by small businesses and these are the people we need to help succeed.

I believe this new party needs a leader understands that politicians are not entitled to tax money, they are responsible for the appropriate use of it.  It should not be used to buy votes from the loudest group.


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