About James Trofimuk

I was born in Edmonton, raised there and went to University of Alberta finishing with two degree’s.

My father came to Canada / Alberta in 1929, just in time for the Great Depression.  He came from what was then Poland.  He and his four siblings were raised in Calmar Alberta where my grandfather was the shoemaker and barber.  My grandmother ran the household and spoke very little English.  They had nothing, had no social welfare system to help them through the depression and learned to spend less than whatever they made.

My mother was born on a farm near Devon Alberta.  Her grandfather came from Poland in 1897 and settled on what is still the family farm near Devon.  They started with nothing and help build a family, a province and a country.  My mother was a one room school house teacher, then a teacher in the Hazeldean area of Edmonton, before she became a stay at home mom for me and my two older brothers as well as my cousin.

My parents taught me and my brothers to accept others, not judge.  To work hard, save money, spend wisely.   A politician should be the same.

I have deep roots in Alberta and having been raised in Edmonton and now live in Calgary I understand the culture of both cities.  I spent many hours on the farm growing up, especially during harvest season.  Growing up like this allows me to see the challenges of urban and rural people.

I have done extensive travelling growing up and as a young adult.  I have been on all but two continents (Antarctica being one) in the world.

My office and family have volunteered three times in Central and South American countries.  I am a supporter and sponsor of many events in my business district and the community association.

In the end, the reason for me seeking this leadership position has more to do with the fact I am an Albertan first.  I want to see this Province succeed and allow my children the same opportunities I had.  This is where my roots are.  I am not going anywhere.

How I would work

Because I have no political history I have the benefit of looking for the best people to do the jobs required.  So in unifying the two parties I would not have favourites.

Since I have been a small business owner for 30 plus years I have a pretty thick skin and am not afraid to do what is needed to do for the benefit of the Party and ultimately the Province.

I would have two signs;  one outside my office and one inside my office.

The one outside the office would say: “Leave your egos at the door.”

The  sign inside the office would say: “Alberta First.”

Every discussion, every decision will not be based on political or personal agendas.  Every decision has to have the outcome of what is best for the majority of the people the majority of the time.   Not the group that is the loudest.

In the end when people are working, they are contributing to the Province both by supporting local businesses but also adding to the tax base.

There is a saying:  “Many hands make light work.”   The  more people working means more tax dollars which means keeping taxation lower.

Supporting small businesses is the primary way this can happen as 8 out of 10 jobs created are done so by small businesses.

The job of government is to create an environment to allow business to succeed.  From there entrepreneurship  will flourish and create new opportunities.


Giving Back

When life has treated you well, one should then give back.  I have had a great career and now it is time to give back to the Province that gave me the opportunities I have enjoyed.

As well, giving back to the community that supports my business is very important.  Below is a list of the ways I give back:


Foothills Academy

Marda Loop Business Improvement Area

Marda Loop Community Association

Jack Carter Heritage Golf Classic

Heritage Park



Kindness in Action

Lake Louise Winterstart Men’s Downhill

2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

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